About us

Hong Kong-based streetwear, urban wear and lifestyle label Subtle.

Subtle is a streetwear & lifestyle brand founded in Hong Kong in 2014. With intuitive insight about elements and exquisite artisanship to details, the label expects to inspire city goers with new recognition and unusual experience that enable them to perceive the inner self and things truly their own.

About the Term
Subtle, interpreted as something delicate and sensitive, is a concept that refines the elements and details to elicit new recognition of classics and unusual experience that gratifying the senses.

Featured Collection
Against climate, the “Mr.Rain” is a street and urban rainwear collection that initiates city goers into a new street clothing style resistant to any weather. Designed to awaken our inner desire for both style and movement during extreme conditions like rain, mud even storm, “Mr.Rain” features raincoat double as a windbreaker, rainboots, umbrella and accessories using luxurious materials and finest craftsmanships, in the meanwhile exquisitely polishing every detail to nurture sensory perceptions.

Please get in touch with us at hello@subtle.love.